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Landlord Resource Center

Landlord Resource Center for Memphis Landlords

Tenant Background Checks

Before you rent to a potential tenant, check here first to learn more information about them. This does not substitute for a more lengthy background check, but it is free and can be a good first start. Just because you find something does not mean that you should not rent to the person, but might like to ask them to provide additional information if you have concerns based on what you find.

Does my tenant have a history of evictions?

Does my tenant have a history of judgments?

Does my tenant have a criminal history?

Has my tenant filed for Bankruptcy? (PACER login must be created)


Court Links

What is the location, hours, and phone number for General Sessions Court?

Is there a map of the Shelby County Courthouse showing the General Sessions Court Divisions?

What do I do if my tenant gave me a bad check?

What are the court costs?

Has the tenant been served yet? (Requires docket number)

What is my next court date?

Which judge will I be in front of?

Is my court date a holiday?

Where can I find access to other court forms?

What is the status of the garnishment on my case?

State Resources

Is there any information from the state of Tennessee with more information??


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