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Nightmare Eviction of the Month

Do not let this happen to you!

This nightmare eviction comes to you from my affiliated organization, Kick’em Out Quick® Evictions & Collections

Nightmare Eviction of the Month

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Are you renting to a hoarder?

How much research do you conduct before renting to a potential tenant? If a potential tenant was a hoarder, would your interview process catch it? Could you be accused of housing discriminating based on an actual or perceived disability? Do your exercise your contractual right to inspect your rental properties after giving proper notice?

If you run into this issue, contact the one and only Memphis Kick’em Out Quick Attorney at (901) 318-3733.

Renting to a Hoarder

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For Sale: Mid-South homes with gruesome pasts

Just in time for Halloween, WMC-TV5 ran an interesting story stating that real estate brokers have no obligation to tell potential buyers about horrific crimes or deaths related to a property. Buyer beware! I’ve also included the link to the source mentioned in the article.

Homes with a Violent History