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Truth #4: The tenant you rush in will be the tenant you rush out

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Truth #4: The tenant you rush in will be the tenant you rush out

Nearly every eviction I handle begins with a story from the landlord about how he or she bent over backwards to get this tenant in: they let the tenant move in early, they let the tenant pay the security deposit in installments (or not at all), they let the tenant bring a pet, etc. I once had a landlord who loaned his only suit to a tenant so that the tenant might have a successful job interview, only to learn later that the tenant had in fact never even had a job interview. (The landlord never got his suit back either.)

When your mind starts to play tricks on you such as “If this thing goes well for the tenant, then they might pay the rent, and then I might be able to pay the mortgage again,” you are chasing fool’s gold.

Rather than appreciate the lengths that the landlord has gone to, bad tenants often receive the message that if they push, you will fold. You are setting up the wrong dynamic when you give the tenant the impression that you are needy and won’t evict them. If you show that you will break all of the rules to get a tenant into the property, that person will naturally expect you to keep breaking the rules when it’s time to collect the rent. If you focus on a short-term solution, you’ll end up with a long-term problem.

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